Designing guidelines for artistic, graphic or ornamental parts:

This can be as simple as good black and white artwork or as complex as layered files. The two rules to always remember in this process are that whatever is black on the art is what is going to etch away and the finished part will only turn out as good as your art.

If your part is square or rectangle and you just want a depth etch or chemical engraving, all we need is crisp black and white artwork. Depending on the size required we would like it to be stepped out and repeated with approximately .048" spacing. This will depend on the quantities required, so please check with us before proceeding.

If you want a shape cut or a shape cut with text or logos, etc. engraved on one side or the other, we will require 2 files or 2 camera ready artworks. We will need one file of art that has just the outline of the part in a minimum 2 point line width in addition to anything that you want cut all the way through. We refer to this as the back file.

We will also need a second file that matches the back file exactly and adding whatever text , logos, etc. that you would want etched into the front plus anything that cuts all the way through. We refer to this as the front file.

To cut a shape, whether you want the part embossed (raised letters) or debossed (etched letters) it is important that the front and the back files of the artwork have the black outline of the shape in a 2 point minimum line width.

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