How to Design for Photochemical Etching

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Business cards and labels need to be set up right for the files to work

To do that you need to start a file that has just the outline or shape of the card in a 2 point minimum line width (very important) and add any other art that you want to etch through, then make that part of the file in red.

After doing this, you can then add any text or art that you just want engraved or depth etched. Then make all this new art (depth etch or engraving) in black for the front of the card or blue if you want it etched on the back of the card.

You must be sure that none of the depth etching (engraving) overlaps each other from front to back. If you use the color method that I explained you shouldn’t have a problem with overlapping. This way I can tell how to separate the art for die cutting (etching through the card) and engraving (depth etching). If at all possible the text needs to be changed to outline/vector on adobe illustrator or to paths in mac freehand that way there is never a problem with not having that font on file. An eps file works the best and the higher the resolution the better.

The better the quality of the graphics program you can use the better everything will work
This is the easiest way to layout art for film
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If you would prefer, this can all be accomplished by Acu-line in-house.

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