Photochemical Etching as an Artistic Medium

Photochemical etching of metal was first developed as a cost effective and highly precise way to create machined parts. However, artists have found it to be an incredible way to create innovative and unique metal items.

Whatever your artwork is it can be reproduced in metal, including any text or logos. Debossed or

embossed; we can also put a chemical patina darkening effect in copper, brass, nickel or mild steel.

On the artistic side:
Photochemical etching brings art alive for:
  • jewelry
  • ornaments
  • clocks
  • bookmarks
  • photographs etched into metal
  • medallions
  • street art
  • event posters
  • lightswitches
  • the possibilities are endless.

Many artists are actually using photochemical etching as their original design medium to create incredible pieces of metal art.

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